When i was very, very young,  I came home from school carrying a large painting of the two flat we lived in. When I showed my little masterpiece to my parents they were overjoyed at what I had created.  Yea for me! Something I loved doing was also loved by my parents.  Through the years my parents kept my interest in art alive.  My family was lucky, we moved around a great deal and I was constantly being exposed to great art and artist.  i studied in Germany and France and learned from visiting museums, galleries  and street artists all over Europe and the USA.   

My art is constantly changing, as is my life. Every medium and subject interests me so I am constantly changing. If asked I would say my style is contemporary yet fits in any decor from modern to traditional. 

The site is a work in progress and the shop area still must be added.  In the mean time if you want to contact me email:  Diane@DianeBronstein.com

To see more of my work go to Etsy.com/shop/DianeBronstein