Golden Sails

Sailboats at sunset

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Sailing ... take me away


Look on my site and you can tell I love sailing and painting Sailboats ... I'm sick of winter and in the mood to glide thru the water on a sailboat and look up at their beautiful sales. Today I'm going to spend the day maybe the week painting these beauties! More to come ... To purchase go to the shop section. 

Birds Nest

The Birds Nest

The Birds Nest

I remember climbing a tree to look in the birds nest and nothing was more beautiful or exciting!  As an adult I still get that feeling whenever I have a chance to peek in on that beautiful home ! To purchase archival prints click on TheNest to purchase the original click on ORIGINALtheNest

Art Gives a Home Life

Art has a place in every home, every environment, it shows the taste and interests of its inhabitants.


This is an imaginary mock up of First Lady Michelle Obama's office by Classic Remix in Chicago.  The graphite art can represent many things but in this case was meant to represent the First Lady and her daughters Milia and Natasha.  To purchase archival prints click on 3FriendsDancing